Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for the running tips...yesterday I ran a 10K (6.2 mi) at my fastest pace yet. I beat my old best time by 9 mins, that's a huge increase. I was pumping arms, less twisting my upper body and longer strides. Give me another week or two and I'll beat that! Impressive!!" Scott Malis

"I am absolutely astonished at how much difference this one session made. I feel like my hip is NORMAL, which is a real first and a huge breakthough! I am looking forward to outstanding progress with the 10 series. I was able to do a whole bunch of gardening all afternoon without a flareup! Thanks Amy - I just can't tell you how pleased I am!" Sue G., CPA

"I feel taller, I sleep better, I walk easier. My left leg continues to get straighter and I think it's just beautiful to see! My digestion is so much better, and it continues to improve, also. My headaches have decreased-- I'll bet I have maybe only 10%--15% of the headaches I used to have, and now when I do have a headache I can still function--they used to put me flat on my back for the entire day, and sometimes two days.
I still love looking in the mirror and seeing how my right and left eye look more even, and the right eye looks rounder and bigger. It makes me smile every time I see myself!
I'm really impressed that the simple exercises you assigned to me keep making such a difference!
Getting Rolfed is one of the very best things I have ever done for myself, and the exercises make it a process that keeps on giving even more benefits!" Linda C., Author, Farmer & Public Speaker

"Before Rolfing, my right side movement was impaired and only happened with great pain.  I can now move freely.  I ran up the stairs last week and realized afterward that there is no more pain!  As a vocalist, I have noticed less tension in my neck, shoulders and torso.  My breathing is fuller and deeper.  I feel like I am supported and I move with a sense of ease.  Thanks Amy, I always feel very secure on your table!"  Pamela W., Jazz Vocalist and Musicologist/Librarian.

"I just had to call you and let you know that I am doing much, much better after our session. I'm doing my exercises, am totally off ibuprofin, and am painfree. I'm so happy I found you, thank you very, very much." Angela P., artist.

"WOW, I love you!"  Emily C., LMT.

"It's been an honor going through the Rolfing experience with you.  You are a fantastic teacher.  I really love the way your explanations of the body make so much sense. Your descriptions are wonderful. You have given me a lot of good ideas and insights."  Liz B., LMT.

"Thank you for the new body!" Charlsie, House Mom extraordinaire.

"Feeling more balanced and CONNECTED...Thanks for all the WONDERFUL therapy!...All the right pressure in all the needed spots."  David N., Computer Programmer and Jin Shin therapist.


"Thanks so much for the wonderful Rolfing experience!" InChieh C., Engineer.

"Amy is a wonderful massage therapist, expert Rolfer, and an awesome person.  Amy has the ability to listen to both the client and theirs bodies. She knows when to work deep and when to back off.  When I went through the Rolfing sessions, she gave me tools and the knowledge to help me to continue healing myself.  She is a wonderful person.  I have really enjoyed being worked on by her."  Kelli P., Payroll Accountant and survivor of horrific car wreck.

"Much better - balanced in fact!  Feels so healthy, light and airy!  Movement is so easy now that the knots and tightness are gone!" Joanne S., Attorney.

"Rawl!  ;) " (I presume this is a good thing. A.J.)  Eric H., 16 yr old football player.

"Great! That was exactly what I needed to return to practice." Keith S., Tri-athlete.

"Rolfing has changed my life in only a few sessions. I have been having massage for many years for chronic neck, shoulders, back pain and discomfort. Massage was great but only temporary.  The techniques that Amy uses have been incredibly effective and have made lasting changes. A work colleague passed my desk the other day and commented on how good my posture looked! There are times when Rolfing can be intense, but the results are well worth it.  I feel lighter, and more in touch with myself. I am so grateful to have Rolfing as an option for treatment.  I look forward to completing my sessions and continuing this as a way of life."
"Amy, thank you for making an ENORMOUS difference in how I feel.  I am grateful to you for sharing your passion and amazing skills.  I look forward to continuing on this journey." Lynne H. Marketing VP

"Feeling lighter and longer! :)"  Laura J., artist.

"Amy, I am so glad I was able to see you.  This was such a wonderful, deep treatment.  I'm very happy that our paths have crossed."  DianeC., Physical Therapist and STOTT Pilates instructor.

"Amy, Thank you SO much!  You're wonderful and I appreciate your knowledge and sweetness. I'm very excited about the Rolfing."  Mandy M.  Student and Fibromyalgia sufferer.

"Thanks Amy! That was my first time, and I feel AMAZING!  See you soon for sure!"  Anina L.,  Student and first time massage client.

"Amy, thanks for the instruction and new awareness.  It has been time and money well spent."  Pam H.,  Purchasing Coordinator.

Excerpt from a phone message..."I worked out for the first time since we started [the 10 series] and...Oh my God...it was totally different.  I was on the bike and before, my right leg did all the work and tonight I sat completely straight and both legs were working equally.  I had raised the
seat weeks before and was unsure if it was the right height, but now it's totally comfortable.  I also did crunches and leg raises and a few other exercises and the only muscles working were the ones that were supposed to be working!  It's truly amazing work you do my friend, truly amazing."
Jason D.  LMT and student.

"This was JUST what I was hoping for.  GREAT!" Katey W., student and first time massage client.

Email..."Hey Amy, just wanted to let you know that the pop in my jaw is gone...YES! It's been there for as long as I can remember and it was so loud that people could hear it at the table while eating!!! I know why I've always been sold on Rolfing.  The chiropractor worked on it several times but no change..."  Larry C.  Nutritionist and LMT.