Rolfing is a system of soft tissue manipulation (usually - but not necessarily - done in a 10 session series) that aligns the body so that you no longer need to fight gravity to stand erect. Rolfing releases the body so that you can move more efficiently with less restrictions and experience life with greater freedom throughout your whole being.

Rolfing is also body education. Rolfing gives body owners new options for being in life and dealing with their environment. It kind of feels like a deep tissue massage, but the focus is more on getting in touch with yourself, recognizing the deep seated patterns of holding and unwrapping those patterns that are not functioning well, and finding easier, more comfortable and efficient patterns to replace the old.

Ida P. Rolf Ph.d, a biochemist (hence the odd sounding name) began devising what she called Structural Integration in the early half of the last centry. Instead of focusing on just muscle or bone, Rolfers work with fascia - the wrapping around the muscles, bones, joints and organs. Sometimes an injury, incorrect movement pattern, or genetic anomaly can cause the fascia to bunch or pull like a sweater caught on a nail. This doesn't just affect one small area of the sweater, it affects all the connecting threads (body parts) in a large circumference around the pull. What we do is sort of like moving the sweater (the fascia) so that the contents can be distributed evenly, which helps the whole body to function correctly, to look and feel better.

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